IP Video Conferencing and Video Telephony

Cisco’s Unified Videoconferencing solutions are designed for high-definition video environments and provides full HD video processing up to 1080p, with continuous presence for all conferences. Our videoconferencing solutions support interoperability between Cisco TelePresence and standards-based video systems.

The Unified Videoconferencing family of products includes:

  • The Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 5200 Series Products
  • The Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 Series Products
  • Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Manager
  • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express
  • Cisco WebEx Family of Hosted Solutions

Cisco Unified Videoconferencing

Cisco Unified Videoconferencing is a flexible, high-definition (HD) video conferencing solution that lets organizations easily conduct face-to-face discussions in multiparty virtual meetings. The solution supports a broad range of video endpoints from high-definition (HD) and Cisco TelePresence systems to standard-definition (SD) clients and Cisco WebEx meetings. Cisco Unified Videoconferencing includes multipoint control units (MCUs), management software, desktop video capabilities, and ISDN gateways so you can efficiently manage and scale video resources and extend the reach of your video environment.
Scalable HD Video: CUVC takes advantage of hardware processing capabilities to provide an unified user experience for all participants. The solution fully processes all connections to deliver the highest video resolution, frame rate, connection speed, and codec support.

Broad Interoperability: CUVC supports multiple video and audio compression standards, codecs and protocols to provide broad connectivity across Cisco and major video vendor environments. It is integrated across the Cisco collaboration portfolio to enable multiple deployment and usage scenarios, including impromptu multiparty conferences that you can initiate from desktop communications clients and phones. Interoperability features include: HD interoperability for Cisco TelePresence, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Cisco Video Telephony and Microsoft LiveMeeting/MOC.

Simple/Flexible Video Presentation & Meeting Control: All participants can customize their video layout at any time to meet their specific needs. Conference moderators can also control the meeting from the endpoint or a web-based interface. On-screen graphics and text overlays provide visual status updates and improve meeting effectiveness and security.

Support for Distributed Deployments with Virtual MCU Capability: When deployed with Cisco Unified Videoconferencing Manager, the application can optimize WAN bandwidth and latency for geographically dispersed organizations with capabilities that let you easily support a network of distributed video systems. This patented “virtual system” capability lets you simply set up and attend meetings that are automatically created across multiple systems.

Advanced Solution Scheduling and Management: You can manage CUVC systems with CUVC Manager, which also lets users easily schedule video conferences from a web browser and Microsoft Outlook for IBM Lotus Domino calendars. An automated-attendant capability lets you dial into the system, see a list of available meetings across multiple systems, and then simply select your meeting to join. Other features include LDAP integration, email notifications, and automatic dial-out to video terminals.

Cisco Unified Videoconferencing solutions are available in both the 5100 and 5200 series appliances. NIC Partners can help you properly size and configure your CUVC solution based on port count, HD requirements and budget. Cisco also provides solutions for customers who do not require HD capabilities using the 3500 series appliances and Videoconferencing Manager applications.


Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

Simple, secure conferencing allows you to collaborate anywhere with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express (CUMPE). This solution is an integrated voice, video and Web conferencing platform that is deployed over internal networks. It supports industry-standard telephony and video protocols to help ensure connectivity with a range of solutions, including Cisco Unified Communications manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

With CUMPE, setup and attend meetings easily from different interfaces, including Outlook calendars. Simple and powerful conferencing function, including integrated meeting management and control, enable users to conduct highly productive virtual meetings to collaborate on any document with co-workers. Users can demonstrate products and delivery compelling presentations, as well as train employees, customers and partners.

CUMPE allows impromptu conferencing and is a powerful interactive meeting platform. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express VT is a deployment option that provides anytime voice, video and Web conferencing for Cisco Unified Communications Manager environments. The solution enhances the effectiveness of your communications by integrating multimedia conferencing functions that enable users to simply extend point-to-point voice and video communications to multiparty voice, video and Web conferences.

CUMPE VT features:

  • Voice and Video Conferencing including: real-time mixing of up to three simultaneous speakers, voice-activated switching, H.263 or H.264 codec support and video bit rates from 56 to 704 kbps.
  • Web Conferencing: easy access, Adobe Flash support, firewall friendly, Connection-speed optimization, screen-sharing, flexible viewing options and annotations.
  • Meeting Setup and Attendance: Integrated voice, Web and video conference setup, impromptu conferences and meet-me conferences.
  • Administration: Web administration center, System configuration and maintenance, reporting and monitoring, multiple language support
  • Security: Dedicated on-net system, built-in defense against attacks and encryption.


Cisco WebEx

Share ideas with anyone, anywhere. Cisco WebEx has a variety of hosted (off-net) solutions using the world’s leading platform for online collaboration.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: Share documents, presentations and applications. Meet from your PC, Mac or Smartphone! Take advantage of integrated voice conferencing. Participants can record meetings for those who missed the session. Share streaming video and up to six webcams. Share anything on your screen – with anyone anywhere. Schedule meetings in advance or start an instant online meeting and invite people to join you by email or IM.

Cisco WebEx Event Center: Get your message to more people faster. Deliver compelling, live online events to the computer screens of prospects, customers, employees, journalists. Host and manage multimedia events for up to 3000 attendees using powerful, intuitive features. Make certain attendees presenters and panelists. Use broadcast audio. Simplified attendee view – attendees can be kept anonymous. Includes program/campaign management and allows lead source tracking and enrollment/lead scoring.

Cisco WebEx Training Center: Create an affordable, comprehensive eLearning program. Deliver exceptional training to employees, customers, partners and students – wherever they are. Cisco WebEx Training Center Online Classroom makes it easy to provide both live and on-demand sessions in your training mix. Offer remote learners an engaging, high-touch learning experience. Capture each student’s attention with live, interactive instruction. Improve – and track – interaction. Boost productivity. Reduce Costs. Focus on your training – not on software.

Cisco WebEx Remote Support: Improve the speed and quality of your remote support. Deliver instant, personalized remote support to users – inside or outside your company – wherever they are located. Use Cisco WebEx Support Center Remote Support to decrease call times, increase first call resolution, minimize costly onsite service visits – and reduce support costs overall. Users can view and control desktops or applications to diagnose and solve problems in real time. Resolve and close support cases faster and provide clients with a quality support experience. You can use WebEx Remote Support for internal IT support to maximize your company uptime by supporting users anywhere, or for customer support to meet service level agreements and increase customer satisfaction.


Video Telephony (Cisco Video Advantage)

NIC Partners has teamed up with Cisco Systems to offer a way to make any phone call a video call! With Cisco Video Advantage (formerly Cisco VT Advantage), provides video telephony functionality to Cisco Unified IP phones (7900 series and Cisco IP Communicator softphone). This solution comprises Cisco Unified Video Advantage software and Cisco VT Camera II, a video telephony USB camera. With Cisco Unified Video Advantage you can use the familiar phone interface to make and receive video calls on your Cisco Unified IP phone with the video component displayed on your PC. Enterprise organizations can take advantage of their existing IP networks to extend video to everyone in their organization.


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