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Elevate the standards of K-12 education with powerful, cloud-integrated security solutions tailored for educational institutions.

Cloud-Native Video Security

Aruba’s flagship video solutions combine cloud technology with advanced hardware, offering real-time access to video feeds from anywhere. Reduced reliance on local storage and computing makes it a sustainable choice for schools.

Access Control

Efficiently manage access across your educational institutions with Aruba’s access control system. Harness the power of real-time updates and cloud integrations to strike a balance between security and open academic spaces.

Environmental Sensors

Aruba’s sensors ensure a holistic approach to safety, tracking temperature, humidity, and other factors. Protect sensitive areas and ensure a productive learning atmosphere.

Unified School Security

The Command platform offers enterprise-level management and analytics with a consolidated dashboard for all your security needs, from video feeds to access controls. Plus, delve deeper with analytics—understand foot traffic, spot trends, and ensure optimal resource utilization.

Cybersecurity & Scalability

Aruba emphasizes cybersecurity, ensuring data encryption and regular updates. Moreover, as your institution grows, Aruba’s solutions scale with you, guaranteeing consistent security across all sites.

Seamless Integrations

Complement your existing enterprise systems with Aruba’s solutions. Benefit from seamless integrations that expand functionality and simplify security management.


Aruba Networking Solutions for Education

Aruba’s advanced solutions are specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of educational institutions, ensuring that students and educators stay connected with robust, secure, and adaptable networking solutions.

Wireless Excellence

Aruba’s top-tier Wi-Fi Access Points are crafted to bolster the modern digital classroom, facilitating uninterrupted online interactions for both educators and students.

Comprehensive Network Management

Equip school IT teams with a panoramic view of the network. With Aruba Central and AirWave, ensure smooth operations, minimal downtime, and consistent connectivity.

Superior Wired Networking

From computer labs to administrative wings, Aruba’s versatile switches guarantee that every node of the institution remains digitally connected and primed for peak performance.

Unyielding Security

With ClearPass’s stringent access controls and IntroSpect’s vigilant threat detection, create a fortified digital environment.

Enhanced Safety and Asset Management

Harness the power of Aruba’s Location Services. Whether tracking school assets or enhancing safety protocols by monitoring student movement, precision is at your fingertips.

The Cohesive Aruba Experience

Unified Networking with Aruba ESP For expansive institutions or multi-campus districts, Aruba’s ESP (Edge Services Platform) stands as a beacon of unified, secure, and high-performance networking.


Why Choose NIC Partners and Aruba?

At the heart of our partnership with Aruba lies a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by educational institutions. We’re not just about providing state-of-the-art network solutions; we’re here to listen, support, and stand by you every step of the way. Our team, composed of dedicated professionals who genuinely care, is steadfast in our commitment to guide your institution throughout its digital transformation.

With NIC Partners as your strategic ally, you can trust in a strong partnership backed by the unparalleled capabilities of Aruba’s specialized educational solutions. Together, we are committed to forging a progressive and interconnected educational landscape.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Request a consultation with the NIC Partners team today to discover how we can empower your educational institutions with robust, secure, and adaptable technology solutions.


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