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NIC Partners Case Studies on Southern California School Districts


NIC Partners Case Studies

Our case studies provide a compelling glimpse into the real-world impact of NIC Partners on Southern California School Districts. Explore these solutions and strategies to glean valuable insights into how we effectively tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of our partners.

Unitends Case Study

Case Study Unitrends: West Covina USD

Tony Ramirez is outcome-focused when it comes to the students he serves at WCUSD – he’s been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for WCUSD for the past 3+ years. “I love doing what I do to give back to our future generations by providing students with the resources they need to thrive, and to make sure that the resources that are brought…

Torrance Unified School Case Study

Case Study Torrance Unified School District’s Success with NIC Partners Security

The line between physical and cyber security is blurred in a technology-driven world. The rise of physical security threats in the last decade combined with the education industry’s vulnerability to ransomware attacks…

Case Study - Physical Security

Case Study Customer Success Story: Physical Security – NIC Partners Helps School District Remain Safe During Return
from Remote Learning

The demand for top-of-the-line digital security skyrocketed during the pandemic, creating a new standard for physical security as students transitioned back to in-person classes…

Access Control - Case Study

Case Study How Torrance Unified School District Chose the Right School Access Control Systems

With a mission to enhance security at its 31 schools, Torrance Unified School District in California employed an effective tool for controlling access to campuses — a durable and networkable video intercom from 2N…

Glendora Unified District - Case Study

Case Study How NIC Partners Helped Glendora Unified School District Qualify for Grants for School Security Systems

NIC Partners had been Glendora Unified School District’s trusted partner for years. Over our years working with them, we learned that they, like many other school districts, ran a very tight budget. Although they were dedicated…

Case Study - New Sony Security Cameras Installed

Case Study NIC Partners Installs Host of New Sony Security Cameras at Torrance USD

NIC Partners recently completed the supply and installation of 1,100 Sony video security cameras across 34 school sites in the Torrance Unified School District. Nestled in the heart of the South Bay, in the south-western part of Los Angeles County…


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