Cisco Solutions

Driving Innovation for K-12 Education


Introducing Cisco’s Comprehensive Solutions for K-12 Education

Discover a suite of tailored technological solutions designed to enhance the educational experience. Together with Cisco, a global leader in IT solutions, we’re committed to empowering educational environments that are more connected, secure, and effective.


The Classroom Beyond Four Walls

A fluid communication channel between students, educators, and parents is the cornerstone of modern learning. Cisco’s collaboration tools, such as Webex, redefine classroom boundaries, making learning accessible from anywhere. Experience real-time video conferencing, intuitive team messaging, and interactive digital white boarding, ensuring that no student is left out of the learning process.

Data Center

Secure. Scalable. Sustainable.

Educational data is invaluable. Our Cisco Data Center solutions ensure that this information is stored, managed, and retrieved efficiently. Tailored for K-12 institutions, our solutions provide scalability to grow with student populations and the robustness to handle vast educational resources.

Network Security

Shielding Tomorrow’s Leaders

The online safety of our students is paramount. Cisco’s advanced network security systems ensure that educational networks are shielded from threats, allowing students and staff to navigate the digital world with confidence. From advanced threat protection to firewall services, we provide an encompassing shield around every byte of school data.


The Backbone of Seamless Connectivity

For an interconnected educational environment, the foundation lies in robust routing and switching. With Cisco’s innovative solutions, we promise seamless connectivity across the campus. Whether it’s transferring student records, connecting classrooms, or ensuring smooth administrative operations, our routing and switching solutions keep the academic world in perpetual motion.


Unleashing Boundless Possibilities

In the age of digital learning, constant connectivity is a must. Cisco’s wireless solutions, tailored for K-12 settings, provide uninterrupted access to resources and tools. From classrooms to playgrounds, we ensure that every corner of the school is digitally empowered.

Cisco Meraki

Simplified Management & Greater Visibility

Cisco Meraki offers a centralized, cloud-managed platform that simplifies the intricacies of network management. With intuitive dashboards, real-time analytics, and seamless integrations, Meraki ensures that IT teams in educational institutions can focus on enriching the learning experience rather than grappling with technical complexities.


Shaping the Future with NIC Partners & Cisco: Elevate K-12 Education

Behind every student’s screen lies a dream, an aspiration. Our alliance with Cisco isn’t just about cutting-edge technology—it’s a heartfelt commitment to empowering every learner. At NIC Partners, we believe in a digital education landscape where every student has the resources to bring their dreams to life.

With over two decades at the crossroads of education and IT, we understand your institution’s complexities. Our mission? To transcend these challenges, bridge the digital divide, and create vibrant, inspiring educational spaces. Trust our expertise, share in our vision, and together, let’s redefine K-12 education for the generations to come.

Ready for a digital transformation? Connect with our expert team today by filling out the form. Let’s foster enlightened minds, together.


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