Meraki Managed Services

Enhance Security and Streamline Your Operations



NIC Partners addresses the evolving needs of educational institutions with Meraki Managed Services, Supported by Cyberscan Network Management. Utilizing Cisco Meraki’s advanced technology, our services transform networks into secure, efficient systems, enhancing the educational experience for teachers and students.

Endpoint Security

Secure your network from end to end with comprehensive endpoint protection.

Firewall Management

Implement robust firewall policies and configurations to fortify your Meraki network.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Detect and prevent unauthorized access with advanced intrusion detection capabilities.

Phishing Protection

Safeguard against phishing attacks with advanced email security and user awareness training.

Security Audits and Assessments

Regular audits and assessments ensure your Meraki network stays resilient against evolving threats.

NIC Partners

Why Our Managed Services STAND Out


Managed Services by NIC Partners transcends typical technology offerings, delivering a comprehensive security solution, ongoing enhancement, and expert support, specifically crafted for educational institutions.

Our commitment is to enrich the educational journey by ensuring a secure, dependable, and user-friendly network environment. This enables educators to concentrate on their core mission: teaching and inspiring future generations.

Proactive Defense

Stay ahead of threats. We actively find and fix vulnerabilities to keep you safe.

Meraki Expertise

Trust our deep knowledge as a Cisco Meraki partner for top-notch network security.


Our services grow with you, fitting the needs of both small startups and large enterprises.


Get robust cybersecurity at a sensible cost, preventing expensive cyber incidents.

Ready to Transform Your IT Management?

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