Keeping Student Data Secure



The threat of ransomware – malicious software that blocks access to a system until a ransom is paid – is a significant threat to an organization’s integrity, privacy, and operational continuity. The severity of this issue is underscored by the catastrophic consequences of such attacks, which can include extensive data breaches, substantial financial damage, and significant interruptions to business activities.

Education Sector

Approximately 60% of educational institutions reported ransomware incidents last year, endangering sensitive student data and disrupting academic activities.

Government Entities

Ransomware attacks on government agencies have risen by 50%, impacting public services and compromising confidential information.

Healthcare Industry

One-third of healthcare organizations have been affected by ransomware, jeopardizing patient care and data security.


Monitoring & Response

The surge in ransomware attacks signals an urgent need for robust and proactive protection strategies. It is imperative for organizations to not only implement comprehensive security measures but also foster a culture of cyber security awareness.

The cost of inaction is far greater than the investment in safeguarding your digital assets, making ransomware protection an indispensable component of modern IT solutions. Let’s prioritize securing our digital futures today for a safer tomorrow.

Ransomware Assessment for Schools

Learn How to Prevent Ransomware

Cyber Security Threat Defense

Defend Yourself with Cisco Umbrella. Enhance Productivity with Unitrends Backup & Recovery.

Last Line of Defense

BullWall RC Isolates Ransomware in Schools



Ransomware is a growing threat, especially in education, government, and healthcare. At NIC Partners, we offer specialized protection, understanding the unique security needs of each industry. With our round-the-clock monitoring and rapid response, we promptly identify and neutralize threats, keeping your operations safe and uninterrupted. When we detect a potential threat, we notify you immediately and begin isolating, containing, and removing it. Protect Your Organization from Ransomware! Contact NIC Partners and book a consultation with us to learn how we can keep you safe.


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