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Getting Back to School in the Age of COVID-19

June 11, 2020 – 10 am
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Join us as we talk to two southern California CTOs about what they’re doing to get back to school in fall. Whether it’s in-class learning, distance learning or a hybrid of the two, these district technology leaders are working hard to deliver continuity of education and a safe learning environment for their students and staff.

Then, hear from Mary Schlegelmilch, former educator, eLearning Supervisor for Omaha Public Schools and current online learning specialist, as she discusses how to deliver a safe and effective learning experience for students in today’s world.


Safer Schools Series


Webex Best Practices
Webex Best Practices
April 30, 2020
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With the sudden transition to a virtual learning environment, join us to learn about best practices for K12 Webex usage. Hear presenter Dr. Lance Ford, former teacher and technology facilitator for Howe Public Schools in Oklahoma, discuss how K12 districts can get the most out of Cisco Webex.

You’ll learn more about how to integrate Webex with your LMS and how to keep your teachers and students engaged.  For additional Webex for Education resources, click here.


Safer Schools – Outside and In…
April 23, 2020
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On Thursday, April 23, we conducted the second in our educational webinar series: Safer Schools: Outside and In focused on the physical technologies you should consider employing to make your campuses safer.

We covered different elements of physical security including cloud-based video cameras, electronic access controls and email and social media scanning.

Safer Schools – Cybersecurity for Changing Times,
April 9, 2020
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On Thursday, April 9, we hosted the first in a series of educational sessions. Safer Schools ― Cybersecurity for Changing Times focused on the network security technologies you need now that your students and staff are working remotely — and when they return to campus.

We covered different elements of network security like firewalls, mobile security, VPN and zero-trust network access.

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