Spotlight: Cisco DUO

Cisco DUO

Shield Your Data, Simplify Your Network Security

Protect your educational institution from data breaches and unauthorized access with Cisco DUO!

  • Robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution ensures enhanced security for sensitive information and applications.
  • Students, faculty, and staff can securely access online resources from any device, thanks to our user-friendly experience.
  • Verify user identities and fortify your defenses before granting access to critical applications and data.
  • Harnesses the power of passwords, push notifications, biometrics, and hardware tokens.
  • Meet compliance standards, simplify IT operations, and enjoy cost-effective security.
MFA Laptop and Phone

Cisco DUO Virtual Workshop For K-12

Direct Guidance And Technical Resources For K-12 IT Leaders From Cisco & NIC Partners

Embrace a new era of education where authentication and security meet simplicity. From multi-factor authentication to secure single sign-on, Cisco Duo delivers a robust defense against data breaches while ensuring hassle-free access for all users. Hear from Cisco & NIC Partners directly on why this matters for K-12 IT leaders.

Cisco Live Event Training

Limited Time Opportunity – Cisco Duo Free Trial

Safeguard Your School Against Unauthorized Access

Supercharge your security with Cisco Duo. Discover the power of Zero Trust architecture in safeguarding your educational institution’s data and applications.

Download the guide now for expert insights and practical steps to implement a robust Zero Trust strategy.

Don’t miss out on this essential resource to fortify your network security.

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