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Spotlight: Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Smart Cameras - NIC Partners

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Smart Cameras

A Family of Cameras for Every Deployment

Cisco Meraki MV smart video cameras are simple to deploy, configure, and manage. With centralized cloud management, you can monitor and manage your cameras from anywhere… with no extra software required. With solid state storage on each camera, there’s no need for an NVR. Meraki cameras are super secure and bandwidth conscious.

MV cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment in the box. Add cameras to a network before they even arrive and adjust both optical and software settings remotely.

  • Integrated, high-grade solid-state storage on each device
  • High Definition Recording
  • Advanced, mobile-grade processor on each camera*
  • A range of models for multipurpose deployments
  • 3-year warranty on all hardware

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Cisco Meraki MV Education Case Study

See how Meraki smart video cameras help Reading School District administrators keep an eye on five miles of hallway in this large urban district.

Cisco Meraki MV Motion Search Mini Demo

MV’s Motion Search tool makes it easy to retroactively identify critical events (without using the fast-forward button!).

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