Cisco Umbrella

Protects users everywhere in minutes

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever your users go. Because it’s built into the foundation of the internet, Umbrella delivers complete visibility into internet activity across all locations, devices, and users.

By analyzing and learning from this activity, Umbrella automatically uncovers attacker infrastructure staged for current and emerging threats, and proactively blocks requests before a connection is established.

With Umbrella, you can stop attacks earlier, identify already infected devices faster, prevent data exfiltration, and expose and manage shadow IT. Umbrella provides an effective solution that is open, automated, and simple to use.

Cisco Umbrella for K-12

Sometimes solutions promise to check all the boxes on network security. But it turns out, they’re checking all the wrong ones. Experiencing these frustrations? Cisco Umbrella can help.

Cisco Umbrella for Healthcare

Boston Medical Center: Cisco Umbrella Customer Experience

Cisco Umbrella is the answer for your cloud security challenges.

  • Intelligence to uncover current and emerging threats
  • Visibility across all devices, ports, and cloud services, anywhere
  • Prevent phishing, malware and ransomware attacks

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