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The Last Line of Defense: Unitrends

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  Unitrends Helps IT Pros Do More… with Less

Unitrends enterprise backup and continuity solutions reduce vendor complexity and increase IT confidence, enabling better productivity and business uptime. Available as an all-in-one physical or virtual appliance, Unitrends joins data protection, analytics, compliance reporting, ransomware detection, and DR automation for a single site, cloud, or unlimited remote sites.

NIC Partners has partnered with Unitrends to offer simplified and cost-effective enterprise backup and continuity solutions to our education and healthcare clients. Talk to us today about how we can help you protect anything, anywhere in your cloud or Unitrend’s. Automation and AI? They come standard.

With Unitrends, there’s no finger pointing, less management, and more flexibility, uptime, confidence and free time because Unitrends delivers all-in-one backup.

#1 All-in-One Enterprise Backup and Continuity Solution

  • Can your backup prove recoverability and detect ransomware?
  • Can your backup make data, applications, and test environments available instantly?
  • What about copy to the cloud of your choice?
  • Unitrends handles all of this and more with all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity.
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Unitrends for Education

Education is a unique industry. From constricted budgets to needing to protect large numbers of devices and users, educational institutions face a unique set requirements for data protection and business continuity.

Unitrends and NIC Partners have been working together to protect the IT assets of the K12 and higher education market. The institutions using Unitrends daily range from small school districts to major universities.

We know your IT departments are often stretched thin, you’re dealing with legacy systems including multiple applications and operating systems, you need protection from ransomware and  often need to quickly recover deleted files.  And we’re here to help you with all of this.

Talk to NIC Partners today about how Unitrends can help you solve your education IT challenges.


education data backup and continuity

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backup and recovery for healthcare


Unitrends for Healthcare

Like education, the healthcare industry is also unique. From the need to be available 24x7x365 to the ultra-proprietary content of the electronic health records (EHRs) they need to protect, healthcare institutions face a unique set of requirements for data protection and business continuity.

Unitrends and NIC Partners have been working together to protect the IT assets of hospitals, clinics and medical labs.

We know you’re dealing with challenges unique to the healthcare industry like stringent uptime requirements, a highly regulated environment with HIPAA mandates, the need to control proprietary data at all times including strict controls on who has access, and you often support a large number of users who are not technically sophisticated. Add to that the unfortunate fact that ransomware criminals have targeted healthcare institutions because they recognize the importance of EHRs and that’s a lot to deal with. But we’re here to help you with all of this.

Talk to NIC Partners today about how Unitrends can help you solve your healthcare IT challenges with all-in-one, cloud-empowered backup and continuity solutions.

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Simpler, Better, Smarter IT – within reach

Recovery Series Backup Appliances

Simplify backup and continuity with the industry’s most awarded all-in-one solution. These physical hardware appliances are pre-loaded and pre-tuned with powerful, easy to use software that delivers on-premises backup with integrated long-term retention and disaster recovery in the Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Backup Software

Simplify local backup and offsite compliance requirements with an all-in-one software solution that delivers enterprise backup and continuity to your business. Powered by a super intuitive user interface, Unitrends Backup software is a full- featured virtual appliance that runs on the hypervisor or cloud of your choice. Integration with the Unitrends Cloud is built-in for long-term retention and disaster recovery.

Unitrends Cloud

Unitrends Forever Cloud delivers tiered long-term retention for offsite compliance. Unitrends DRaaS provides full failover into the Unitrends Cloud for DR with a 1-HR recovery SLA.

Cloud Backup for Office 365

Broaden your backup and recovery plan to include protection for Microsoft Office 365 emails, contacts, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive files. Easily and quickly recover lost emails and files in minutes with unlimited retention in the cloud.


Get simple, powerful Disaster Recovery for VMs, and an easy path to VM Migration. Easily replicate your VMs to low cost AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage, until needed. Deploy as VMs into AWS and Azure compute clouds for failover, DR testing, or permanent migration.


Your Data Is Undergoing Immense Changes

Digital transformation is altering organizations of all sizes and the pace of change is accelerating. This disruption is causing an exponential increase in the amount of data, number of workloads and complexity of technology IT must manage. IT is being asked to do more to more than ever, despite flat budgets and resources and increased risk such as ransomware.


Avoid Complexity & Do More with Unitrends

Unitrends increases uptime, productivity, and confidence in a world in which IT professionals must do more with less. Our all-in-one backup appliances simplify data protection, application spin-up, and SLA policy automation. Seamless integration with the cloud delivers long-term retention and fast disaster recovery.